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Marc Johannes Schmidt

Hi! I’m Marc, a professional freelance software engineer and entrepreneur with more than 10 years experience living in Hamburg, Germany. I spend a lot time working on software, hardware, 3d printer or other awesome stuff I can get in touch with to build beautiful and awesome software and useful products. In spare time I tinker on my rc airplanes, humanoid robots or other electronic stuff.

I love playing with new technologies and breath live into it by combining useful techniques to build something greater. At the moment I’m mainly specialized in machine learning using deep neural networks and web development – both, front and backend. It’s great seeing projects as a whole while bringing parts together to transform visions into useful and beautiful designed working products. Open-source dictates my daily business, I really love to publish my code and help others with their issues. Open-source makes the planet a little smarter and better, which is a great thing I definitely want to see and support.

Core values

Hire me

At the moment I enjoy working primary As always I am open for applications and freelance opportunities – feel free to contact me, maybe we can work something out. :)

Online profiles

My Focus

Every time I write code, play around with my 3d printer or other hardware I’m always trying to figure out the best need, usability and of course user experience, because this is the most important property on a product. Through my experience and passion about beautiful designs I got an eye for what fits and works and what doesn’t. This passion helps also to write elegant and sustainable software since writing sourcecode and defining its architecture is like drawing a picture; it’s art - you see very fast if something is beautiful or not.

The technical focus I’m currently having is backend and front end web development with PHP/Symfony and HTML5/AngularJS, preferably with Ecmascript 6. Through the work on open-source projects like Propel ORM, css-element-queries, and other known projects I keep constantly my knowledge up to date. Also, working on Propel ORM as lead developer gives me automatically valuable knowledge about SQL in all its varieties in MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL.

Programming Languages

PHP, C (Server, Embedded AVR), Python, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (Plain, Node, Mootools, Angular, jQuery, Ecmascript 6, Typescript), Objective C 2, Bash, SQL.

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