Hi, I'm Marc.

An entrepreneur, freelance electrical/software engineer, product designer, and AI engineer from Hamburg, Germany.

My specialisation is entrepreneurship, full-stack development, machine learning, and robotics. I'm currently focused primarily on complex full-stack web applications with high-performance characteristics. Since 2008 in the industry as entrepreneur and after several founded tech companies, I have strong professional knowledge about product design, online marketing, artificial intelligence, mechanical and electrical engineering, high-performance backends, high-fidelity frontends, databases, decentralized systems, and build products from vision to deployed application in very short time with highly competitive price and very high quality while utilizing best practises and efficient methodologies.

Work ethic

I was gifted with an extraordinary trait to focus very sharply for a long period of time and be very resilient to external stress factors, which made it possible for me to work longer and more persistently on difficult problems, work on average 80 hours per week in the last 10 years, and pick up many disciplines and skills during that time. This is also the reason why I love working in a high competitive and performance environment, simply because it feels very natural to me and I accelerate the most in them. Although I heavily focus on technology details I'd not describe me purely as tech geek, since I appreciate the beauty and business aspects the same amount. I don't only love work and challenges because I enjoy building new things, but because I truly believe that you can't know enough about the physical world, economic/social construct, and technical possibilities we live in.


Every day you learn something new while being healthy and in an environment where you're are able to receive and give love is an extraordinary day.

We as species have still a long way to go, a lot of very hard problems to solve, and work in front of us. I want to be part of this journey by contributing as much knowledge, hard work, and energy as I possibly can. You are only truly free if you appreciate the little things in life while constantly challenging the status quo, relentlessly and with pure strength of will. One day on this journey I will enter one of my big goal in life: Building humanoid robots to evolve human kind. We still have a lot to learn, but I'm sure we arrive there sooner or later.

Competence, seeking the truth, and staying focused are what matter. I love life not because its easy, but because its hard, unfair, and brutal. Pain is an excellent teacher. It signals you have a huge potential to improve the world by an unimaginable amount. Join me if you want to be part of this journey.


As professional freelancer I prefer working in a high performance environment and being paid project based, either on projects alone or in a interdisciplinary team. If you are trying to build something nobody has ever done before then I’m the right guy. I'm not afraid of taking the lead, pioneering with experimental technology, working the hardest, or staying the longest. Unfortunately, I’m not available for freelance jobs in 2021 anymore. I'm available 2022 again, so hit me up if you got a project and need a pragmatic guy that delivers.